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Hostal El Arbolito

Comfort & Elegance

About Us

Hostal El Arbolito is comfortable, elegant and located in the charming and welcoming city of Cotacachi, only two hours from the city of Quito.

This small hotel gets its name from a group of youngsters who used to hang out and watch local soccer matches from beneath the protective shade of a small tree located next to a local field. Their group soon became known as "El Arbolito". One of the members of that group was Elio Maria Vicente Galindo, our father.

After his passing in 2003, we decided to build this hotel in his honor. The purpose was to be able to share the beauty, warmth and hospitality of this small city with the rest of the world, something that we feel he would have wanted.

Imbabura 911 & Rocafuerte

Cotacachi, Ecuador